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In the year 1990, a new company, under the name of Pak Virk was established with the aim of meeting the international quality standards. In order to keep up with the ever changing requirements of the 21st century, we revamped our management structure and the working style and converted it into Virk Group of Companies which comprises of two technical subsidiaries. Textile and Leather Fashion garments. The company is a family owned business. M.Yaqoob Virk being the Chairman heads the organization and its Directors / Board Members.

 VIRK GROUP of companies has emerged as one of the most promising establishments in Pakistan in the fields of Textile and Leather fashion Garments.


In order to meet the production requirements and price targets of multinational companies,   we have our own well equipped and organized infrastructure in which we start with buying raw animal skins and turn them into a Finish product garment.  We have our tannery department at Karachi with professional managment and skilled team, producing all leathers on Highest quality level under our own supervision.  We then have our in-house garment production unit comprising more than 250 machines in Sialkot producing more than TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND Leather garments per month.


As Sialkot is a hub of cottage industry very well known in the world for leather and cotton products, all leading brands of the world are currently carrying their production in Sialkot.

Considering increased requirements of our clients, we have started a new divison of producing HIGH QUALITY WAXED Polyester Outer wear. With the help of our strong supply chain, working with us for nearly 20 years, we have been able to produce High End Textile jackets ( outerwear) Nearly fifteen thousand garments per month to our clients.

All fabrics are being imported from China from our Leading chinese fabric suppliers with OEKO TEX certificates.

These garments are purely High End Fashion garments currently can be visualised on international clothing stores.


Leather -         We are producing all type of Leather garments, Jackets, Trousers, Skirts etc

Textile-             High End Polyestor Jackets


To ensure that all orders are executed in compliance with customer's quality requirements, we have strict quality control tools in place along with the services of highly skilled and professional staff of the related industry and a chain system in our garments production line up which helps us to monitor the quality at every stage of production .

With an enduring commitment to the Leather and Textile industry, and the motivation to be the business for consumers, it’s evident that hard work and our motto of continuous improvement in every aspect of our concern is the stepping stone for the company`s prosperity and is our business philosophy.



Our marketing team travels frequently across the world to interpret and keep up with the ever changing trends in the fashion industry. In addition, we develop our own collection of garments every season in collaboration with our pro active designers to stay updated with the global market trends. We believe in providing fair and honest services to our valued clients and expect the same in return.



Being an Eco-friendly organization, our production unit is socially complained and with accordance international standards and ILO requirements. We provide our labour a good working environment and take pride in meeting international standards when it comes to providing a safe & comfortable working environment to our employees.

We strive to be your one stop source for all your needs.